ZoomINet - Zoom-I-Net Communications, Inc. Liars & Thieves

Katy, Texas 1 comment

Zoom-I-Net Communications, Inc.is a fly-by-night bunch of thieves.

File a formal complaint immediately with the FCC, your public utility commission and your local better business bureau. AT&T will say they can't do anything and they won't. Demand zoom refund ALL your money, not just reduce the charges.

They will lie and say that they had authorization to change your service, ask for a copy of the recording be emailed to your home email address; it will never arrive because it doesn't exist.Good luck getting these bottom feeding *** suckers to do anything honest or right.

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Absolutely right.Our previous LD company disappeared and we never received notice; then this month our LD bill revealed that Zoom-i-Net was our new phone company.

When I called to cancel service and ask for a full credit, I was first told I'd get a credit of $11.99, then when I insisted on full credit they said "wait a moment" and raised it to $19.11, then when I asked to speak to a manager I got another "please hold," a long pause and then was told "my supervisor has agreed to a full credit of $29.13 plus tax." I will have to call back next month to demand any additional charges from the next cycle. Insist that you NEVER gave permission for them to switch you and that you have a RIGHT to the FULL amount of credit.

Make sure you tell AT&T about this.Thanks, and good luck.

ZoomINet - Why doesn't FTC or AT&T stop ZOOM I Net

Ballwin, Missouri 2 comments

Zoom I Net took over my long distance service from AT&T without my permission.To make matters worse...today I have been unable to make long distance calls.

When attempting to make a ld call am connected to a recording which tells me to call an 800 number and listen to a solicitation from some firm not even in the phone service business. Having done so I still cannot make a ld call today. I have contacted the FTC and made formal complaint.

I'm certain AT&T is aware of this company so the question I have for AT&T is why do they continue doing billing for this scam firm?

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I apologize that this happened. I can assist you if you email me the name on the account, the service address, account number and a number where you can be reached.

My email is attemilia@att.com.




They don't need your permission.

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